5 Apps for Microsoft Teams to Improve Your Collaboration 

Microsoft Teams offers many features within the platform that can streamline workflows and enhance your team’s productivity. No matter your industry, there’s an app to improve your collaboration. Here are some of our favourites: 

For project management:  

  1. Asana: Asana is another project management tool used by many teams, that integrates with Microsoft Teams to support harmonious collaboration. Asana allows teams to keep track of all spinning plates, while maintaining oversight of all internal decisions and projects. With this integration, you can create new tasks and projects in Asana directly from Teams, and receive updates about changes to your Asana tasks. 

For creatives: 

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud: If you’re in a creative role, its more than likely you’ve worked with Adobe, and now teams have made even easier. Cut through your administration time by sharing Adobe files and assets directly from Teams, and collaborating on creative projects in real-time. 

For decisions  

  1. Polly: Purpose-built for Slack, Teams and Zoom, Polly is an instant engagement app designed to help internal teams collect instant feedback, to make informed decisions and ensure all team members voices are heard. The integration allows teams to create polls and surveys directly from Teams, and receive the results in real-time. It comes with templates to facilitate remote team check ins, and identify project roadblocks. 

For software development: 

  1. GitHub: If you use GitHub for software development, the GitHub integration for Microsoft Teams can be very useful. With this integration, you can receive notifications about changes to your GitHub repositories directly in Teams, and collaborate with your team on code in real-time. 

For customer support: 

  1. Zendesk: Now available for integration with Microsoft Teams, Zendesk is a customer support tool that allows users to manage customer service seamlessly. Your team can view, edit and update support tickets directly in Teams, and collaborate with your team on resolving customer issues by adding internal notes to a ticket as well as public replies.  

What are you waiting for? Get started with app integrations for teams and take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your companies communications.