5 Signs It’s Time To Update Your AV Systems

The world of AV is constantly evolving; and while it’s neither feasible nor necessary to pack in your whole setup every time a new model is released, It is important to know when it’s the right time to upgrade your digital environment.  Here are five signs it might be time for your business… 

  1. Your systems are disjointed  

Companies often opt to handle their AV systems piecemeal, updating parts individually when they give out or are on their last legs, for budget or convenience reasons. We understand that sometimes a complete overhaul is not possible, but an integrated system is crucial to maximise the effectiveness of your AV systems. An expert AV solutions integrator can help you create a roadmap of what needs to be updated and when, based on your business’ priorities and budget.  

  1. Troubleshooting is a common occurrence 

While occasional troubleshooting is inevitable, if you’re finding yourself troubleshooting on a regular basis, you could be wasting your teams valuable time and resource and costing your business success. Technical issues during client calls, presentations or meetings can affect your professionality, so if you’re finding yourself having to call in your IT team regularly for a certain system, it’s time to upgrade it.  

  1. Your team has transitioned to hybrid or remote  

With more and more teams making the move over to hybrid or fully remote working, tools that facilitate seamless collaboration are more vital than ever. When working remotely, team moral and motivation can easily waver if team members feel disconnected. From virtual studios and conference rooms to intelligent call, video and chat systems, it’s easier than ever to keep your team connected at all times. Happy team, happy business.  

  1. Audio visual quality is decreasing  

Fuzzy video quality, audio dipping in and out, interrupted communication. These don’t set a good tone for a meeting, it wastes your time, looks unprofessional to clients and makes meetings or presentations generally frustrating. Good audio and visual quality is the bare minimum you should expect from your systems. If you’re not getting it, it’s time to upgrade. 

  1. Your team is expanding 

As your business evolves, your digital environment will need to evolve with it. Not only is there more demand on your systems, but you may require more advanced functionalities to accommodate your growing team. For example, while a basic webcam may have been sufficient for a smaller team, a larger team would benefit from speaker tracking technology and wireless content sharing. While not every advanced functionality will be relevant, choosing the right ones for your team can save you precious time, boost your productivity and elevate your business. 

If you found yourself relating to any of the above, get in touch with us today for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our AV experts, and see how we can help your business.