Fox AV partners with Synergy SKY to keep you connected

We’re proud to announce our strategic partnership with Synergy SKY, one of the most renowned solvers of technical challenges in collaboration/video conferencing. Together, Fox AV and Synergy SKY will now co-operate further to leverage Synergy SKY’s strengths in improving and streamlining the user experience and administration by removing unnecessary complexity from video conferencing. 

At Fox AV our mission is simple – to keep you connected. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with Synergy SKY, to bring you the most seamless, user friendly video conferencing experience. Synergy SKY develops trailblazing yet user-friendly software for all meetings. Its goal is to remove the complexities of video conferencing that prevent you from focusing on what matters: the outcome of the meeting. Through a set of analytics, reporting, monitoring, and scheduling tools, they make it easy for you to schedule, manage and attend business meetings. 

Synergy SKYs software eliminates common video meeting challenges, including:  

  • Complex multi-vendor environments 
  • On-prem, hybrid and cloud coexistence  
  • Sub-par user experience 

As well as being able to purchase directly through us, you’ll also find Synergy SKY in all our meeting spaces, allowing you to connect your meeting regardless of the meeting vendor, ensuring you the most intelligent, efficient virtual meeting experience.  

We’re confident that this partnership will elevate our customers’ existing videoconferences, saving time, cost and giving you more flexibility than ever.  

To learn more about Synergy SKY, visit or send them a message.  

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